We have a track record

We have been handling sensitive financial data for several years. We have prepared regulatory filings for US public corporations for filing with SEC and regulatory filings for UK companies for filing with HMRC

We host our website in a high quality data center

We host our website (that receives inputs and returns outputs) and store all data in a high quality and well protected data centers. Data is remotely accessed from our delivery centers for conversion to XBRL format.

We store your data in a well-protected data center

We store your data (inputs and outputs) in a secure data center that is protected against intrusion and is backed up on a regular basis. We access your data in a safe way.

Our delivery centers worldwide are secure environments.

The delivery centers we use are ISO 27001:2013 certified for information security management

Entry to our delivery centers is restricted to authorized staff alone. All entries/exits are controlled, monitored and recorded.

Our delivery centre networks are ring-fenced by firewalls that control access, protect our databases, detect intrusion and provide logical security. We use open standard encryption for better protection.

Our delivery center is free of any recording device including access to internet, access to emails outside a closed user group, writing devices on our PCs (including CD/DVD drives, USB flash memories, floppy drives). We prohibit pen, paper, cameras and mobile phones with any kind of recording device into our delivery centers.

We are a corporation with world class corporate governance.

We are a corporation supervised by an independent majority Board of Directors. We have a world class code of conduct that emphasizes on fairness and ethics.

Our employees are covenanted to respect your rights and data confidentiality.

All employees who handle your data have formal employment contracts.

All our employees are covenanted by contract to respect your rights and confidentiality of your data. This covenant continues to apply even after the contracts are terminated by them or us. We have a policy of pursuing action against any violation of this covenant without exception.