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XBRL Conversion Services

We offer XBRL Conversion Services to
Companies, Accounting and Corporate Secretarial Firms.



Upload financial statements as a spreadsheet or word processor document or PDF file

Prepares, validates and delivers financial statements in XBRL format

Who can use DataTracks

  • Accounting and corporate secretarial Firms that are required to work with SFRS, SFRS for small entities, IFRS and other applicable accounting standards but have financial statements in unstandardized formats and require technical expertise to prepare XBRL documents.
  • Companies that do not want to devote time in XBRL preparation software or in accounting expertise can use the services of DataTracks.

How much does it cost?

Type of Account
Price per set of account
3 business days 2 business days
Financial Statements Highlights S$50 S$65
Full set of Financial Statements  (standalone) S$175 S$210
Full set of Financial Statements (consolidated) S$260 S$310

Our prices depend on:

Turnaround time

Our standard charges apply if you provide us 3 days turnaround time. For shorter turnaround times additional charges apply.

Volume discounts

Customized volume based discounts are available.

How can I reduce the cost of XBRL tagging?

You can reduce the cost by the following ways:

* Plan in advance and opt for 3 business days turnaround time.
* Avail volume discount if you have 15 or more entities for tagging in a year. 
*  Refer our services to others and earn referral discounts.
*  For Accounting/Secretarial Firms, contact us for custom price